Friday, March 2, 2018

Touches of Color, Here, There, and Everywhere

One way to offset the darkness of winter days is to provide splashes of color inside one's home.

It's honestly not hard to do.

In a beautiful glass punch bowl, one of my favorite thrift store finds, I placed a round rose-covered wreath.

Into its ample middle went a fat red candle. If memory serves me well, I paid $1 for it at a church yard sale.

Some heart-shaped lights, lighted via battery, bought for $3 at Target, around Valentine's Day, have been placed on top of the rose wreath.

They look so pretty twisted among of  the blooms. The battery pack is carefully hidden underneath.

Nearby there is a plate of tangerines. They are unique in that branches and stems remained!  

I took most of them off but left one for you to see.




such sweet splashes of color for your house. beautiful.

diane.stetson said...

What winter? I love tangerines and have some in my bowl in the kitchen right now. We had a little much needed rain over the weekend and that is about all the winter we have....I love living here. Enjoy the sunshine today where you live.

Chatty Crone said...

You know I never gave it too much thought because it is already spring here. When I was in Chicago - it was years ago - I remember how bleak winter was (why we moved south). I think your brightening up your home that way - is such a good idea. I can see how the sun and the colors make it so pretty.

Anonymous said...

love those ��! Pretty wreath too!!!!!!!!$

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