Saturday, November 21, 2020

Gobble, Sweet Gobble

 Most people never think of turkeys as being sweet.

Delicious maybe, and good for nice sandwiches with leftovers, but sweet?   uh uh

 Facebook, however, had photos of the most adorable turkeys.

They were fashioned from gumdrops on toothpicks and marshmallows for heads.

When these were spotted, it immediately ran through my mind how much the grands would love to make these gobblers.

So, at the supermarket, I bought gumdrops (unfortunately, in Christmas colors only), and marshmallows.

I had three apples and tons of toothpicks.

When the grands came over yesterday, they had a blast making their sweet turkeys. 

 We used chocolate chips for eyes and a slice of red gumdrop for that thing turkeys have that's part of their persona.

We had so much fun and how sweet it was!



diane stetson said...

Did lots of Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts the seven years I taught pre schoolers. Since your grandsons are preschoolers I'm sure they LOVED that project. Great job.

Kit said...

Not recently but used to when my children were little. These are soooo cute!! Kit

Red Rose Alley said...

Those turkeys are so creative. I love everything about them. Haven't had gumdrops in so long, and now I'm craving them haha. That was clever to use chocolate chips for the eyes and a gum drop for the little thing they have dangling down. And the best part is that you made them with your grandchildren, how wonderful.


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