Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Decor, Galore!

A small forest of holiday trees "grows" in one room of our home. More than 100 beautifully wrapped presents, tied with red, green, and gold bows, comprises one of the trees. (Can't help but wonder if workers in some factory in China hand-tied all those enchanting gifties.)

Another tree is a gold-colored spiral from which gold and green bells hang----pretty to look at as well as listen to!

Nearby is another gold, star-topped tree with silver sequins.

A green, sparkly tree has brightly colored tiny balls and a big star on top.

A ceramic "town hall," with six wreaths and red bows on each of the front windows, is actually a candleholder. Right now, there is a deliciously spicy "Harvest" Yankee candle burning in it.

A small bouquet of red poinsettias sits in a brass holder.
Christmas mouse is here, too, ringing his bell as he sings "We wish you a Merry Christmas" every time someone pushes his foot!

Every room in the house can be decorated for this very festive holiday!


diane stetson said...

I have a suggestion for your retirement up a gift shop store in your home...ha ha ha. xo

Martha's Favorites said...

I collect Christmas trees too. I love how you have yours displayed. Blessings to you, Martha

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