Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who's The Real Santa?

The faces and attire of Santa probably number in the millions. People from every culture put their special mark on this jolly old figure. Throughout the years, friends have added to the Santa collection in our house. This Christmas, a group of them grace the front hallway, ready to welcome all visitors. Here are some photographic glimpses of these beloved Santas.


diane stetson said...

One of my songs in this year's Christmas program is "Yankee Doodle Santa" and I have a fourth grade GIRL dressing up with a beard and so forth to be the Santa and she's wearing a red, white, and blue hat...The tune is the same as Yankee Doodle boy...everyone is oging to love it. Your Santa's are cute too!

A New England Life said...

I've wondered that very same thing ... what does Santa really look like? It's kind of like Jesus, there's so many different looks, who knows for sure. It's all subjective ; )

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

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