Monday, April 5, 2010

Of Children and Animals...

(This painting is titled "The Blessing". Click on it to make it bigger. Couldn't really figure out what was supposed to be in the box on the bed. Can you?)

It's a safe bet to say the paintings of the English artist, Charles Burton Barber, would probably appeal to most sentimentalists.

His detailed renditions of children, cats, and dogs pull at the heart strings. Any time I've seen one of Barber's paintings, it has made me smile. There's one of a dog standing, like an animal alarm clock, on the bed covers of a little sleeping girl. It's appropriately titled, "Time to Wake Up."

Barber was born in 1845 and had the distinction of becoming a successful artist while still living. The art of many painters didn't become popular until after the artist had died. Barber studied, at age 18, at the Royal Academy Schools in London. His paintings became very popular. Even Queen Victoria, herself, commissioned Barber to paint her favorite dogs. Apparently, his last commission was to paint the queen in her pony-drawn carriage, surrounded by her grandchildren. It's reported he died soon afterwards, in 1894, at only 49 years old.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to find out what Barber died from or whether he actually painted that last painting requested by the queen. Those unanswered questions merit more research!

What I did find at a yard sale one weekend this spring was a print (shown above) of Barber's painting, "Blessing." The work speaks for itself in the little girl's innocence, simplicity, and sweetness. With a pet on either side of her, she's saying a blessing over breakfast. No matter how many times I look at it, it always elicits a smile.

The print cost me a whopping $1.00 and it was framed!



Leann said...

Good Morning Susan

What a beautiful day it is here and I have the day off!! Hope that you had a wonderful Easter. Love the framed print - such innocence.

Enjoy your week!

diane stetson said...

My guess would be that the box is the girl's treasures that she has collected such as stones,
pretty leaves, ribbons and other things that appealed to her young heart...xo

Anonymous said...

The original went for almost half a million dollars!

Adrienne said...

I'm thinking that little girl better wind up her prayer pretty dang quick before the puppy and kitten eat her breakfast.

Just kidding. It is a really sweet print and I'm so glad you found it for such a bargain.

Love the egg cup. Eating eggs like that is so much fun! Makes me feel elegant.

LDH said...

Oh, lucky you, Susan! I love this print as do many others.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I've always loved this print. One of my best friends had it in her guest room. What a wonderful little find for $1. Wishing you a week of blessings. Tammy

Susan said...

Hi Everybody! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. So happy to share "Blessings" with all of you! Sincerely, Susan

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