Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drive to a Small New England Town Brings Variety to Life

Do you love going to a new town to drive around and see new sights?

To me, taking a ride to a town or city other than where one lives is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Recently, I drove to Lee in Western Massachusetts. It's a quaint little town, bursting with spring floral bouquets hanging from old-fashioned lanterns on the main street.

 Wherever the city fathers bought those hanging plants, the growers sure knew how to make heart-stopping arrangements. All in different colors, too, they line both sides of the main street. They are absolutely charming.

It doesn't look like much has changed over the years in this small town.  The old-fashioned buildings are quite picturesque. Lots of small stores and boutiques make shopping quite fun. An old model T Ford      parked along the main street made it seem like I was suspended in time somewhere in the 1920s!          


Colorful potted flowers were everywhere including  the fronts of stores.   

Since many tourists come through Lee, prices of things tended to be a little high and that was disappointing. In two second hand shops I visited,  things looked crowded and unkempt. Couldn't help but think how I would make those shops look neat and appealing if they were mine! Stilll,  it was fun browsing.

On the front porch of this house, I loved the hanging flowers and got up the nerve to snap a shot through my car window.



Linda said...

Susan I love to take drives and visit new towns. So much fun and you never know if you will find a treasure or a toursit trap. Love all the flowers they have and it really makes the town charming!

Bookie said...

Thank you this little trip today! Your pictures reminded me of years ago when we visited Vermont and New Hampshire one summer. The flowers looked like this and I never forgot those petunias. Oh, we have petunias in Missouri and pretty ones too, but something about NE weather that makes theme radiant! It seemed that every small town took advantage of their flower power too with baskets and pots everywhere. Lovely!

Dayle said...

Such gorgeous flowers... and your pics are wonderful, Susan.

A New England Life said...

My gosh Susan, what a wonderful town. For a second there I thought it was Exeter. I just love how some of these old New England towns really come to life in the summer. All the flowers, flags, and general old-time feel are what people like to see. They'll pay for it too!

I sure wish that were my front porch! Absolutely gorgeous!


Karen Lange said...

Appreciate you sharing your trip with us. I watch for character and curb appeal. It all makes the visit more fun and pleasant. :)

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