Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girl Rabbit Has Sweetest Face This Side of Easter

One afternoon, I took a quick trip to my favorite Salvation Army store. Now I've been doing very well refraining from recreational shopping so the quick sojourn to that thrift shop was an extra special treat.

Scanning the shelves with an extremely critical eye, I passed up everything in sight until I saw the rabbit. Oh, oh. The resolve to leave the store empty-handed started to melt.

She was a girl rabbit with the sweetest little face this side of Easter.

 A green plaid jumper fit over a green patterned shirt.  A darling matching bow sat on top of her head and  there were also bows at her ankles.

She had a yellow tag stapled to one of her long, soft ears that had patches on the insides. Yellow tags on this particular day meant half price. The tag on the bunny read $3.99 so she'd cost less than $2.

Now I know it's not Easter and there is no logical reason to buy a bunny but I'm not a particularly logical person.  She came home with me.

Once put through the washing machine and dried with a scented drier sheet, Bunny Girl smells like a flower.  She's soft and cuddly, too.

Look at these patched ears!                                                   Here's the bow on top of her head.              
And bows at her ankles!                               Of course she has a fluffy bunny tail.

She's the best recreational faux pas purchase ever. She's so darned cute that she's not being relegated to the Easter box in the attic.  Bunny Girl is going ot stick around  the whole year through.

  Here's looking at you!



Claus said...

Beautiful and cute bunny!
over the weekend, I bought a kit to learn how to make...balloon animals!! Now that I am an aunt, I thought of my niece's future birthday parties. It would be a great attraction and unique touch, to make little things to all her friends! I hope I have the "skills" :-))

have a lovely day!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh how cute! She is really adorable. Over the weekend I found some sweet pink items for me!!

Adrienne said...

She is just too cute. What a sweet expression. I can't remember the last time I bought something "just for fun."

Susan said...

There was no way you could not buy that pretty girlie.............she is just so darn cute.

BECKY said...

Oh, what a sweet bunny!! Who can turn down a bunny?!...My recent recreational purchase....tea cups!! :)

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