Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ready? Set? WALK!

You know what this is, right? A track. It's where I've been going lately to try to get into some kind of shape. I have a special event to go to in five and a half months so I need to hit this baby very, very often in order to look half-way decent.


As I start treking on this track, my enthusiasm sometimes gets as low as my sneaker bottoms. But once I pick up the momentum, it feels good. The body was meant to move. Around and around and around we go!

At least while walking around that track, I get to see gorgeous New England scenery like this:


Part of the track goes by a swampy area with tall weeds growing out of it. I would NOT like to walk in there and sink into who knows what? The birds like to go in there, though.

Looking down on the ground in the grassy middle of the track, there are sweet little flowers like these. They don't have to worry about losing weight. They are happy just being alive!                                                    

About the third time around the track, I start to identify with  these bleachers:

By the time the fourth round comes up, my brain feels like this part of the track:                                      


My hair is now looking like I just jumped out of the shower and my bangs are sticking to my forehead. I look up and start to envy the life of this little bird. She doesn't have to haul her body around the track. She probably doesn't even weigh a single pound.


Could this track experience be like these stairs, a journey to no where? Or is it more like a staircase to the stars? Hope for a better quality body and happier life?



At long last, I've completed five rounds which is one and a quarter miles. I see this sign! Shouldn't it read "Keel Over Here?"

Whoops. Sun is setting. Better head for the car. Yah who!  I feel fabulous.  See ya tomorrow, track!     


diane stetson said...

Keep it up are doing GREAT! I don't have a track near my house..the treadmill has to do for me. I walk on it but do not have the fresh air or beautiful scenery that your track has!

Terry Lounsbury said...

Hello Susan! Enjoyed the beautiful jog around the track. Five times?!!! Your pictures are wonderful.
I want to thankyou for the comment you left on my blog way back in May! As you can tell, I am not as prolific at blogging as my dear wife Creative Carmelina is! LOL. I suppose I need to up my game a little?! All the best in your endeavors.

Claus said...

Keep on going!! At first, it's complicated and hard. After a few times, it's simple! It will do you good, and you will look fabulous!...and I bet after the event, you will continue with the exercising ;-)
have a great day! and happy track days! :-))

Lynda Schab said...

LOVE this post! My favorite part "I see this sign! Shouldn't it read "Keel Over Here?" LOL...

Keep up the great work! I agree with Claus. You will look fabulous in way less than 5 months!

Anonymous said...

Keel over Here! yes, I think it should say that!

i love that's the prettiest one I have ever seen...and I do think it would make me want to walk it....i need to move more!!!!

so you and my hubby finally connected eh! hehe...
I've been telling him to post too...and I'm so glad you offered your own reprimand..i mean, encouragement! ehehe.....

ciao bella susan!
creative carmelina

Terry Lounsbury said...

Hello again! Ha ha, I broke the 100 mark on your followers! Thanks for the encouragement! Bye for now.

Stephanie Stetson said...

How'd you get the track to be YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? That must be inspiring!

Alicia Isaacs said...

lol. Too funny Susan. Keep it up! That's it. Have fun in the process of change. Don't forget the IOT Formula - Imprint Over Time.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good for you Susan! It is so hot even at night that a walk down the driveway is almost too much!

Karen Lange said...

Hang in there! I agree, the Keel Over sign might be something some can relate to:)

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