Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making a Memory: A Wedding in May

Golden, memory-making moments make life worthwhile and weddings are among them.

It's great to witness two people pledging their love for each other in front of God, friends, and family. A family member's recent wedding turned out to be quite enchanting in every possible detail. The bride's embroidered and spangled wedding gown, complete with a magnificent sparkling flowing train, as well as kettle drumming and a blare of trumpets in the church, announcing the arrival of the regal bride about to come down the aisle, all contributed to the memorable day.

Attendants wore navy blue cocktail length dresses with single strand pearl necklaces and silver shoes.  The attire looked sophisticated and elegant. They carried bouquets of roses and calla lilies.

At the reception, ornate chandeliers sparkled above as well as a rotating round mirror-covered ball over the dance floor that sprinkled thousands of light beams over everything.  The little children loved trying to step on the moving beams of light!

Tall vases with calla lilies and flickering votive candles adorned each table. The three layer towered cake had white on white scrolls, navy blue ribbons, and fresh roses on top and along the sides. Truly, the cake could have taken one's breath away!

The long table where the bride, groom, and attendants sat had a white cloth covering it and lighted beneath were hundreds of white lights, giving it a very Hollywood style look.

People dancing, a nice meal, champagne toasts, an evening of merriment, and sharing the joy of two people in love made the wedding so very special.

God bless the newly married couple. May He shower them with blessings as numerous as those light beams at the reception!



Chatty Crone said...

What a beautiful cake that was - gorgeous. And the wedding looks just beautiful! I know you had to had a good time. Nice to be home though - right?

The best things about weddings is - right now - I don't have to pay for any more - I just get to go!


Linda said...

The best thing about a wedding to me? Watching the Bride & Groom look at each other with such love in their eyes. Tears me up each and every time!

middle child said...

Beautiful table!

Linda O'Connell said...

I like to watch the bride and listen to the toasts. Once I was at a former student's wedding and she stood up to toast her maid of honor. She said, "Kim and I have been through everything together, and if our preschool teacher were here, she could tell how we ..." I raised my hand from the back of the room and her face turned beet red. She didn't know her mother had invited me. It was a priceless moment.

diane stetson said...

I love all kinds of weddings...I love everything about them but especially enjoy seeing family and friends for such a HAPPY occasion! This wedding was one I had to miss and I'm so sorry!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Breathtaking pictures! It's the little touches that make the event memorable. The lights under the dais were a stroke of genius.

Susan :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like it was a lovely wedding. Even the bouquets are dressed for the occasion. Weddings on this side of the world are sooooo different. I've been to two and told my husband to never, ever ask me go to another one. You spend all your time waiting for the bride to arrive and she may not come until 10 pm, 11 pm, midnite -- it's all a little strange to me. Best wishes to you, Tammy

Terri Tiffany said...

I just wrote a wedding scene for the end of my book and after reading all your awesome descriptions, I need to go back and redo it!! Wow!! You sure now how to make a place dance!

Anonymous said...





Susan said...

Thanks for visiting,girls! Loved reading your comments. Your visits mean a lot to me so keep them coming! Susan

Claus said...

I like everything about weddings! the friendly and happy environment, the happy couple, the food, music, decor!, unique and personal touches and ideas...they are always - or at lest most of the times ;-) - a happy event, and once cant help but feel just as happy :-)
The least favorite part? getting ready for it! :-)) I'm not confident enough, and have a hard time feeling OK for the event.

BECKY said...

What gorgeous pictures! And WOW, what a cake! My favorite part of a wedding is EVERYTHING! Love, family, friends, dancing, food, etc!!

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