Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Entertainment: Movie, Shopping, and Out to Dinner Mexican Grill Style

Weekends are the best.

Don't you just love to have new experiences, go shopping, plan fun excursions, and go out to eat? All of those help make weekends a blast.

Last weekend's fun activities filled our days and evenings.  In a way, it was sad to see the weekend end but there will be more in the future (God-willing and the creeks don't rise!)

On Saturday night, the highlight was seeing the new Shrek Forever After movie. Oh, it was just great. Loved every second of it. The baby Shreks were absolutely adorable. Actually, I have loved all of the Shrek movies.

Also enjoyed shopping for small treasures at the Christmas Tree Shops, one of my favorite stores in the whole world. They have so many pretty things for the house that you never even knew you needed but wanted.

And the capper of the weekend was dining out at On the Border, a Mexican grill chain we go to when I have a hankering for a semblance of south of the border food. Even if I didn't like tacos, beans, rice, and so forth, I'd want to go there for the decor.

The colorful maracas are arranged uniquely against the wall in a decorative fashion. 

There are Mexican plates, too, as well as paintings and other decor reminiscent of our southern neighbor.

Naturally, whenever I go to On the Border, I check out the necessary room because I love the tiles in there.

So those were some highlights of my weekend and I kind of  hated to say "adios" to the fun.



Linda said...

Sounds like a very fun time. I love Mexican food and those are some nice restaurants. Great decor!

middle child said...

The necessary room. How cool is that!
My favorite weekend is staying in PJ's and watching movies that end up making me cry from the beauty of it all. Perhaps I have just had too much travel lately. I also enjoy working outside with my man, altho we're generally doing diff. "chores". Then it's shower time and get the grill going. Add a drink and it's totlly relaxing.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Susan: We would have such fun together, if we lived closer. The more I get to know you the more I think we could be sisters. Always love my visits. Blessings to you, Martha

Linda O'Connell said...

You have an eye for seeing the beauty in all things. Sounds like you had fun.

Bookie said...

I have never been to an On the Border, but recently bought a bag of their chips at the store. They were outstanding.

Perfect weekend could be many things but a bike ride, lunch in a new tea room, a trip to a good book store, and a 3 hour epic movie set in a great period of history-with popcorn-would be some things high on the list.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan! yes weekends are fun, when you plan to do something interesting...and going out to eat at a great new place does it for me every time!

i love mexican...and italian...and greek...

okay, okay...any weekend that includes any food, any culture...i'm there!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

LDH said...

You really did have a fun and busy weekend! baby Shreks... that sounds so cute :) I like the Christmas Tree Shops too!

I had a wedding this weekend. It was the daughter of one of my best friends! Lovely time.

Kansas Amy said...

Luck you! Our 'On the Borders' closed a few months ago! ;( I guess I had too many of their happy hour specials and didn't buy enough of their full priced meals.

Van said...

I love your colorful eclectic style, I gravitate toward the same exact style.

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