Friday, July 16, 2010

An "Angel" of a Statue Brings Smiles for Show and Tell Friday at Cindy's My Romantic Home

There's something about angels that appeals to the heart.

Whether they come as Christmas tree ornaments, in pictures, as  nick knacks, or as garden statuary, it's hard to pass-up an angel. After all, they represent beings that have pretty high positions in heaven and many of us hope to one day get there!

While shopping in a town near Boston recently, my sister and I made a quick run into a big crafts store, A.C. Moore.  She went her way and I went mine.  It was fun to venture into the gardening section and there was a big sign stating all garden paraphernalia happened to be 50 percent off!

Of course, in the next breath, the little sleeping angel appeared. She had wavy "plaster" hair, a darling  pair of feathery wings, and bare feet.  Given the fact that temperatures outside the store hovered around 100, it stood to reason the little angel was sound asleep while resting on the top of what looked like a column.  That kind of weather makes humans sleepy, too.

With the half price sale, angel baby cost approximately $15.  Next time my sister found me, it was with a plaster angel under my arm.

She looks so darned cute near a pink flowering plant on the side porch. Thank goodness for "heavenly" finds and sale prices that are up in the clouds.

Of course, nearby the little angel these sultry days is  sleeping  Honey Cat, the grandmother feline of the household. Can't blame her for lazing in the heat on a sultry afternoon.


P.S.Be sure to zip over to Cindy's inspiring blog, My Romantic Home, to see more offerings for Show and Tell Friday. See her blog button on the sidebar to the right, click it, and off you'll go to My Romantic Home. It's just like taking a magic carpet ride! Click and you are there.


Chatty Crone said...

I do believe in angels. I know they exist in Heaven and I believe they are on earth too.

Your angel is beautiful with the pink flowers.


Anonymous said...

Oh Susan, I love your sweet angel! I Googled A.C.Moore, and the closest one to me is in Florida! HA! I live in California so I guess I will have to look elsewhere. Yes, I am a firm believer in angels. Maybe it's my Catholic upbringing. Thank you for visiting my blog, have a great weekend! marcia

Kathy said...

Such a wonderful angel...for only $15.00.
I would have not been able to resist either!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Cabin and Cottage said...

Looks like you have a couple of sweet angels! Your kitty sure looks settled in on that pink chair! Jacqueline

Betty said...

Yes I do believe in Angels. I have six angels. I have been blessed with six granddaughters. They are so wonderful. We have a great time when we all get together. I have my bathroom and of course it is the girls bathroom with angels everywhere. Also, Angels are in my garden watching over the beautiful flowers. Thank you for your post.

Eileen said...

Absolutely, I do believe in them. And don't you have one angel kitty sittin pretty on that little chair.

Dorothy Adamek said...

I do indeed believe in angels, and the God who created them:)
I'm also loving the painted porch your angels are sitting on! So adorable... not to mention the lovely sunshine in those photos. Oh... for some warm sunshine right about now in this winter bound land of mine:)
Dorothy :)

Claus said...

I became an aunt this year in March. My sister-in-law got her maternity leave and stayed with my niece for three months. One day, she came down the second floor of her home to the kitchen. The garbage truck was coming that day, and she needed to take the bags out. She was placing the trash bags outside, and when she turned around, a tall woman-like person dressed in white appeared. She got scared and closed her eyes, yet, did not scream. When she opened her eyes again, the person in white was gone. She hurried up to my niece, who was taking a nap, thinking it could be a thief inside the house. But no one was around. She stayed the rest of the day inside the baby's room. Was it an angel? My mother and her mother think so, given it was in white and did not had a scary appearance. Maybe there was an angel looking after them two? Makes you wonder... I think she believes in angels now. Me? I want to think we all have someone looking after us and keeping us company.
I love your sleepy angel!
have a great day.

Heaven's Walk said...

How could one not believe in angels? :) I believe in them, and like Dorothy said, I believe in the God that made them. I have a sweet, small angel on her knees that I bring out every spring and place on my deck. She blesses our quiet times out there every evening with her tranquility and peace...

Peace to you!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Anonymous said...

I do believe in angels. I was told growing up that everyone has a guardian angel. I so love your new sleepy garden angel. She's so serene.

Terri Tiffany said...

Your pictures are beautiful ad I love hearing how you came about your purchase. Oh yes, I believe in angels:)

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