Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Found Loot: Bright, Unique Plates, Cuddling Swans, and Zany Frame

A half-hour stop at a well-stocked Goodwill turned a rainy afternoon into a fun excursion.

My eye usually picks the pearls out of a sea of shells.  Maybe this artistic ability to find great items  is due to reading eight million decorating magazines over the course of a lifetime. ha!

Scanning a hodgepodge of household artifacts, three plates, all HausenWare and made in China, jumped into my line of vision.

On one, there's a fat white sheep, with the words "un moution" written across the blue rim. (Perhaps it's French?)  Sheepy Pie rests against a light green background.


A large Navy blue fish with lime green and polka dot fins graces another plate. Small goldfish swim nearby on a deep teale backghound set off by a lavender and turquoise rim!


On the last of that trio of plates is a chubby black and white cow with "un vache" written along the blue rim.

A Christmas plate with a golden pear-covered tree smack dab in the middle also jumped out. There's a partridge shown, too, at the top.  It'll make a great little gift if I can ever bear to give it away. It's by Sweet Olive Studios and has the worlds "certified International" on the back.  Place of origin?  China.

Two plates with sweet birds on them could not be left behind. Done in pastels, they do everything but tweet.  These birdie plates are just adorable.

They're titled "Birds and the Bees" by Sango and are designed by Sue Lipkin.  Guess where these were made?  Ahhem. China.

A white and black photo frame, bordered in red and yellow (where the photo goes) is an eyeopener.  It bears no markings of any kind but looks southwestern.

Most unique of all the day's purchases are two swan candle holders.  The male swans appear to be caressing their female partners. The females look almost as happy as I did when headed to my car in the Goodwill parking lot, stuffed bag in tow.

Want to know the amount spent for all the loot on the rainy afternoon?  A whopping $8.49!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

My favorite is the Christmas plate!! They are all cute and I do love the bird plates, but the colors in the Christmas plate are just so bright!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

I used to have the set of birds and bees dishes!!
I loved them!
Then I decided to just do white/silver and glass--it simplified my life, cuz I like everything!!
(I get to play in other peoples' houses, so I'm okay!)
Yes, the plates have French on them--they say One Cow, One Sheep.
Too cute, Susan!
I can't say which is my fave, cuz like I said, I like everything!
What counts is that you had fun hunting for pearls :)

Chatty Crone said...

Only $8.49 for all of that? Great deal. I think I like the item in the first picture - the two swans neck and neck. So Sweet.


Dayle said...

That's pretty amazing for $8.49! Love the beachy plates!

I'm having a Simple Pleasures blog party on Thursday, unless I screwed something up with Mr. Linky (ha). Hope you'll join me.

BECKY said...

Susan, what fabulous finds!! And at such amazing prices! I just love Goodwill and similar places for hunting, too! I love the colors on the Christmas plate, but my favorites are the birdy plates! Just so sweet!

Claus said...

I love all of the plates!!...especially the Christmas one :-)
It's wonderful that you can find so many treasures! I should start looking for corners with great treasures around here; there have to be some!
have a great day!

Dianne said...

Cute finds!

Diane said...

I loved all the plates! Wow, what a deal you got today. If I had to pick only one, it would be the sheep plate. I know my Granddaughter would love to have her snacks in that plate.

Anonymous said...

well, lately, for me it's all about the birds! that's my favourite!
thanks for sharing..it looks like you had wonderful fun thrifting!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Anonymous said...

I think it was you who had a black tea cup with pink roses inside it one time? yes? no?

well, I was out thrifting and I found one just like it..which is a good thing, because I was about ready to come and steal yours! hehee....

gorgeous find! I'm so happy! and I'll be sharing it eventually! stay tuned!

ciao again!

creative carmelina

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