Monday, July 19, 2010

There Are Never Enough: BOOK SALES!

This kind of sign is an instant picker-upper for me. It's guaranteed to result in a smile from ear to ear.

Books are like friends. The old ones remain precious but new ones are also great to have and very welcome.

At a sale, recently, I entered the basement room of a library. No sooner had I stepped in, a man announced the sale was closing in 20 minutes.

      "Twenty minutes?" I gasped. "Oh no. That doesn't leave much time."

I fairly flew to my favorite section and scanned the shelves faster, as the old cliche goes,  than a speeding bullet. The countdown began. How disappointing to know so little time remained to peruse. However, on the plus side, having a little time was still better than having no time at all! See? There's always a plus side.

A beautifully illustrated book of the enchanting story of "Heidi" turned out to be my best purchase.

With my daughter in mind, I bought a copy of Martha Stewart's Christmas decorations book. Norman Vincent Peale, one of my all time  favorite authors, had a book of favorite  quotations and that was one of my first fast selections. It got dropped quickly in my bag. Also purchased were  "Christmas Tea"; a book on grief for a dear soul who just lost her husband; a small book for expectant parents for another friend; and one on living in Ireland for a sister who's traveling there soon as well as two cds.

A book on one of my favorite artists, Mary Cassatt, was also part of my purchase. (More about that artist in a future post!)

"We are closing in five minutes," came the last warning. It didn't matter. I made the most of the 20 minutes I had and walked away happy with my new friends stashed in my recyclable bag.

DO YOU KEEP USED BOOKS IN YOUR HOME OR DO YOU PREFER A CLUTTER-FREE ENVIRONMENT?                                                                                                                        


Linda @ A La Carte said...

20 minutes!! Oh no, but I would have been like you and made the most of it. I love my books and have them everywhere. I at some point to recycle books either to friends or the thrift but so many favorites I will keep forever.

Chatty Crone said...

Now I can relate to this. I love books. Our library has a used book sale twice a year. The last day - it is $10 a box - no matter how big the box! Last time I got over a hundred books - and I have about 8 left!


BECKY said...

Susan, I'm so happy you did at least get there in time to pick up a few goodies!! I, too, keep lots of books, others will make it to the library for their used book sales, or given elsewhere, but most of them, I do keep! They, too, are like friends to me. I love the way you put that. When I worked at Barnes and Noble, a customer said something to me that I had to write down, because I wanted to remember it! She said, "I have to surround myself with books!" That's me!!

diane stetson said...

I never read a book twice..I like the latest books out and then I recycle them to my local library book sale or send them on to friends or family members. I like historical fiction the best, biographies are next. I read often!

Bookie said...

Well, add me to the bookaholic list!It is near sickness with me. I do have to cull once in a while though just to have room for more!

You got some great books in that short of time, Susan. I just read that you love Gladys Taber! I am wondering if her books are easier or harder to find in your area because you live closer to where she lived? Please post about your Gladys Tabe experiences! I'll be many would be interested.

Claus said...

Book sales...I love them! I am actually planning to go next week to the local Book Fair, in seach of not only great bargains, but good titles.
My family likes to read, so there are a lot of books around the house, some newer than others, but all of them just as pretty.

Diane said...

Norman Vincent Peale is one of my favs! Have you heard of Og Mandino, he is just as good as NVP to me.

Rebecca said...

Do you need to ask (if I keep used books....)????

I've actually been feeling a little bogged down by all the books I have, but when I have tried to sort out and get rid of some, I can't bear to part with 98% of them! What to do? What to do?

Congratulations on your sweet finds.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Susan - Oh, a good book is such a comfort and can transport you away to another time and another world. I am the daughter of a guess where I was brought up? Yup. In the local library! :) I have warm memories of snuggling up in the wing back chair in the 'grown up' room with books my mom would bring to me to read until she got off of work. I had such a great childhood and was taught that books are to be revered.

That said....I think I have every single book by Dorothea Benton Frank, Joan Anderson, and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Treasures I will never give up!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Barb Hodges said...

Count me in. I was just at a book sale last weekend. I went into the library and wow, they were having a sale. $5.00 a bag. I bought 2 bags' worth, one for me and one for my daughter's preschool. What fun!!!

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