Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Italian Plates (and Good Food, Too), at the Olive Garden

Going out to eat is fun and part of any day trip or excursion to a new place, even when one is trying to be diet-conscious.

After biting the bullet and agreeing to drive to Boston to transport a friend to a medical appointment,  ( I hate driving in the city), a visit to an Olive Garden saved the day.

The salad at this chain restaurant is plentiful and usually yummy.  They serve warm bread rolls, too, and have delicious orange chicken as well as portabello stuffed ravioli in a tomato cream sauce and on and on.  Almost all of the dishes tried throughout the decades have been good.

But best of all, the decor of Olive Garden restaurants appeals to anyone interested in interior decorating. 

 The wall displays of colorful, different patterned plates are very pretty to see. (They make me want to add more plates to my own kitchen wall.) Almost every single plate is different, which adds to their appeal.

Raspberry peach iced tea tasted delicious on a hot summer's day and air-conditioning in the restaurant made us want to stay overnight! ha!

How would you like this little lion head to
 be installed on your patio?

                                                                                          The specials of the day were written on this
                                                                                           blackboard in the restaurant lobby.

Of course, no visit to a restaurant is complete without a parting shot of the "necessary" room.
If details of the decor are good in this room,  it bodes well for the rest of the restaurant experience as well! This one checked-out quite well. 

    Parting shot:


Hope you enjoy this mini-tour of an Olive Garden restaurant.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love Olive Garden. The food is always good and I love the decor. Now I'm hungry for spaghetti.

Bookie said...

Olive Garden is one of our favorite places. Hubby likes the chairs with arms and that the chairs are on rollers! Plenty of food...spaceous usually too. Another Italian chain we like is Zio's. They have the BEST chicken piccata. Do you have this chain near you?

Chatty Crone said...

I love the Olive Garden - you know, I'll have to go again - thanks for reminding me (LOL)! It's always good and consistent. The plates are pretty too - I'llhave to look more closely.


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

It's my favorite restaurant. My husband and I had our first date there. I like their food and decor, too. :)


Susan said...

Hi Girls...Thanks so much for coming by and telling how you all know and love the Olive Garden. Wish we could all meet at one for dinner!

Susan, how nice to know you and your husband had your first date there! I can see where the Olive Garden definitely has a special place in your heart.

Next time any of you go, have a toast, even with ice water, to blogland! Cheers! Susan

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

I absolutely LOVE Olive Garden!!! I always love having their all you can eat Soup, Salad & Breadsticks! My favorite soup is the Chicken & Gnocchi....YUMMY!! Okay, now you are making me want to go their!! LOL :)

Claus said...

I've never been to the USA, hence, I've never been to the Olive Garden, but the day I step on American soil, that's the first place I will visit to eat. I've seen their TV ads since I was around 9 or 10 years old, and we got cable TV at home. I like Italian food, and it looks pretty yummy that one at the Olive Garden, so it is a restaurant on my list :-)

LDH said...

Yes, I like Olive Garden too! Italian is not my favorite cuisine, but I really enjoy their salad and bread sticks.

I just loved your pretty tea cup and sauce from your previous post! Sweet little roses!

Karen Lange said...

I love The Olive Garden! Love the food, the decor - it's my all time favorite place to dine.
Karen :)

diane stetson said...

Yes I've dined at Olive Garden many many times..there is one not far from where I live. It's a nice place to take the grandkids as they love pasta..I like the minnestrone soup...yum ..I'm getting hungry!

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