Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Battenburg Lace Curtains on a Late Summer's Day

Walking down the second floor hall the other day, I glanced into the bathroom.  The afternoon sun streamed through the battenburg lace curtains and even illuminated the nearby  rose-covered shower curtain.

A light breeze made the curtains billow back and forth.  Such a sight is one of the reasons summer is such a beloved season.

Washing the upstairs bathroom window, including the outside, became a very big chore this summer. The window is very high above the ground.

 Because it's so old, it's hard to take apart but that's totally necessary in order to get the outside really clean.

 Thank goodness for my husband who helped me tremendously and who was very patient while my perfectionism kicked in.

In my book, if windows are going to be washed, they need to be sparkling before being replaced.

Battenburg lace has always been a favorite of mine. A lace maker in America developed  the lace and named it after  the Battenburg region of Germany, according to the E. How website.

Apparently, the lace maker hoped the lace would become popular with Germany's elite residents. Well, I'm not German but it's very popular with me!

The windows in this house are very large and old. Sometimes finding the right curtains for them is very challenging. Luckily, I found the Battenburg cafe and valence. Both came from thrift shops and on entirely different occasions which was quite a lucky thing.

As for the shower curtain, we inherited it from the previous owners of this house.

While I usually replace all curtains, etc. , this shower curtain remained because it was so pretty.

The embossed pink roses sprinkled all over the gauzy material are greatly appealing. Each year the curtain  is taken down and gets a thorough washing and  ironing (no small chore). 

Now if it had been a rainy day on the afternoon I happened to glance into the "necessary room,"  this particular post would never have happened.



Erin @ I Heart New England said...

What beautiful curtains! I can imagine how lovely they must look being blown in the summer breeze :)
Love that shower curtain too!

I'm generally partial to white bathrooms; I like the "clean" look; but I also like a light sandy beige color as well ♥

Karen Lange said...

They are lovely! I like green or a beige for a bathroom, or perhaps a light sunny yellow.
Have a good week!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love a breeze blowing the curtains. I am a sucker for a white bathroom and then all the accessories can be changed for the seasons!

T's Daily Treasures said...

No breezes blowing around here. And no humidity for the past two days so it has been scorchers! Love those curtains. My windows need to be cleaned so bad, but weather report is that dust is heading our way Thursday nite and will be here for a couple of days. I usually wait for cooler temps to clean the windows and wash the curtains. Everything is just full of dust and yuck right now. Oh well! Hope you are having a great day. Tammy :)

It's Just Dottie said...

Your window of Battenbury lace filled with late summer light is so lovely. Battenbury lace is my favorite. Thank you for sharing it with me.

middle child said...

I too have Battenburg Lace curtains, still in pkg. from thrift shop.
My fav. bathroom colors are sage green, silver and light and deep purple. I do feel like it's time for a change though and am leaning towards light, pale yellow. Not gold!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I have a Battenburg Lace valance in my bathroom. Like your previous commenter, my bathroom is done in purple and green. I also have white for contrast.

Susan :)

Dayle said...

Oh just wow! Love everything about this post, and especially the sparkling window! Perfect simple pleasures post too, girlfriend.

Susan said...

Your curtains are beautiful, I can never get BATTENBURG lace ironed pretty. Yours look wonderful!!

Claus said...

Beautiful! Did not know that was the name for that kind of treatment. Something new for today! :-)
I have seen interior designing shows, and they have painted bathrooms in the widest range of colors: terracota, light yellow, green, beige...all combined with pure white, and it looks fantastic. I liked the terracota the best. I think it goes perfectly with Guatemala, its colors, and its fabrics.
Love your decor style Susan! It's lovely and very delicate.
have a great day!!

Dianne said...

Lovely curtains... Good color for a bathroom? chocolate, aqua, spring green... or something like a cappuccino...

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, Susan. What beautiful curtains and shower curtain. I sure wish I could open my windows for a breeze. I'll bet the weather is so wonderful up there in New England. I was just peeking back at your hubby's brick patio. Wow, he's so talented. You're so lucky to have such a great guy!

Susan said...

Thanks for all your comments, girls! Loved reading them. You are all so sweet. You are so willing to share your opinions, etc. Also, I LOVE sharing my writing with each of you. Love, Susan

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