Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Soothing Serenity of the Sea

A day or two at the ocean do wonders to eliminate stress.

Brilliant sunshine and sparkling waves wash away any dark and gloomy thoughts. 

Feeling warm sand squish through one's toes is better than wearing dancing shoes.

The singing of birds, cawing of seagulls, and seeing the sweeping wingspan of a white heron all lift the human spirit out of doldrums.

There are cool drinks to sip, white wicker porch chairs to sit in and do nothing, seafood to enjoy eating, and shops to peruse when away from the beach.

The sea soothes and brings serenity to our troubled world.

The gentle swish of waves along the shore lull a weary soul to sweet and sumptuous sleep.



mo said...

Hi Susan,

Your words in this post are magical.

I especially love your last line, "The gentle swish of waves along the shore lull a weary soul to sweet and sumptuous sleep".


I love to be able to open your window at night and hear the ocean all night long with the slight cool breeze washing over you.

So pretty, thank you for the "beach trip".



Chatty Crone said...

I think when I look at the sea - and I can't see where it ends - it looks infinite - reminds me of God.

It was beautiful there.

LIFE as we KNOW IT. said...

I love how the sea can be so calm & beautiful on bright sunny days but also change with the weather into rushing waves. I love watching the waves on a windy day. Being near the water is a calming & peaceful experience. Love your photos! Have a beautiful day!

Journeyin' Lady... said...

The real question is what don't I like about the sea! I hadn't seen the sea until I was an adult and thought I should have been born here! I love the blue (but also love it in the winter when it looks gray,) love crashing waves that move rocks (but also love the calm sea), love watching pelicans fly very low over the water (and love it when they crash down into the water after a fish,) love watching dolphins as they seem to be performing, love the salty smell and . . .

diane stetson said...

I live close to the ocean and have a favorite bench I love to sit on and meditate there. I love that place so much! Love love love the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Susan How beautiful!! I am finally going to have a chance to have my toes on the beach. I leave on Sunday WOOHOO! It has been way to long since I have been able to do it.:).Anticipation of nuggets is on my mind.

Hope Filled Living said...

Beautiful photos, Susan!
I do love to be close to the water--whether it be a lake or the ocean. I agree that it is very soothing and calming. The vastness of the ocean kind of helps me put life into perspective.

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