Thursday, September 1, 2011

Outside Dining: A Simple Summertime Pleasure

Joining Dayle's Simple Summertime Pleasure party at A Collection of This and That.

      One thing virtually impossible to do during the cold winter months in New England  is dine outside.

      It's truly a summertime simple pleasure.  The other day,  one of my very dearest long-time friends and I went to the Red Lion Inn for lunch. 

    "Would you like to eat outside on the patio?," a hostess inquired.  Since the day's temperature were perfect, cool and beautiful, we acquiesced. It was definitely the right decision.

      Sun poured down on the green and white striped canopy and on the table umbrellas down in the lower courtyard.  Because the temps were not too hot, dining outside turned out to be very pleasurable. When it's really hot out, I opt for air-conditioning.

      My order of spinach salad with croutons, bacon bits, and hard boiled eggs seemed a bit pricey at $13 but the inn does draw a large number of tourists. They, perhaps, are used to high prices in upscale inn dining rooms. The maple vinaigrette was delicious, though. (I've since tried to make an at-home version that tasted equally yummy.) 

A cloth napkin-lined basket held a variety of breads and crackers.
      Now that the really hot temps are done, think we'll try to eat out several more times right in our back yard, before the snows come.



diane stetson said...

Yes, just last week I dined on the outdoor patio with my cousin who was in LA for business. We ate at the wonderful Cedar Creek Inn in San was utterly delightful. I had crab/scallop cakes that were divine! Love eating out and can do it just anytime here in So.Cal.

Lynn said...

Oh my, everything is making me homesick today. I am from just outside Albany, NY. One of times I was home visiting my dearest friend from Albany took me to the Red Lion for lunch. It was in Feb so of course we ate inside. Love the outside dinning. Well, for us her in FL, it is too humid, sticky hot to enjoy being outside for my hubby and I. We have a lovely porch and our "summer/winter" lol, is coming up in a few months when we use our porch and enjoy while the rest of the country is shoveling snow. Still....your post made me homesick for the NE. Do hope Irene did not leave much of a calling card in your area.

Bookie said...

We eat out almost all summer, but not this year! TOO hot. Have had a couple of lunches out again last week but heat has returned. Last time maybe? 103 for today but next week cooler...and maybe eating outside.

Noticed that nice salad is in a Blue Willow bowl!

Leann said...

Come to think of it, we haven't eaten outside here at home all summer... we did while we were on vacation though. But we're having a picnic on Labor Day so that will count as summer right?

Hope that all is well my friend!

Kay K said...

I love eating outside of the summertime , I am a true lover of picnic's as with most days during the spring and summer I take my lunch to a park close by to enjoy the beauty .Right now I am trying to soak all the warm days in as its gets cold here in a couple of months and this outisde gal has to stay in more.

Bernideen said...

Oh - it makes me want to close up shop and go out for lunch!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

love eating out on the's a great part of summer living.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a wonderful place the Red Lion is. We do eat quite a lot out on our deck in the summertime. I usually drink my morning coffee out there as well.

Dawn said...

in cohasset?

i do love to eat outside... when we get a cool-ish day here in florida i long for new england dining experiences! clam rolls by the water, eating with a view of the harbor... it is hard to find somehting here that does it justice :)

Carolyn said...

Yes,we do eat outdoors all summer-such a treat!

Have a good weekend,


Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I love eating outdoors in our little village when the weather is pleasant. Watching the people go by and feeling the sun and the breeze is such a treat. Your salad looks yummy.

Dayle said...

I love eating outdoors. Sadly, we don't enjoy it too much in our neck of the woods, as it stays hot until late in the year. But I do look forward to cooler afternoons for this simple pleasure.

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