Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who Could Not Love a Daisy?

Daisies are wonderful.

They are perky and pretty.

Just looking at them makes me smile.

At a beautiful inn in Western Massachusetts,  The Red Lion, there was the biggest bunch of daisies I've ever seen in my entire life, shown in the photo above. They were in a brass container.

Yeah! Brass!  Now regular readers of this blog know I love brass, even though modern decorators say it's obsolete. So I was very happy to see the daisies in brass!

Outside on the patio, where a dear friend and I had lunch, more daisies adorned our table. So cute.

Now, I know I've written about daisies before but because they are such darling charmers, I'm doing it again.

I even love the song "Bicycle Built for Two" where the girl being wooed is named, what else?  Daisy.

    "Daisy, Daisy give me your promise true."

Now, can you find the daisies in the inn's front lobby?



diane stetson said...

Once in love with Daisy, Always in love with Daisy...oh wait a minute ..that's Amy...but Daisy goes well too. HA HA HA

Annesphamily said...

Love those daisies! I had a brass bed years ago that belonged to my grandparents! It literally just fell apart! I was so sad! I love brass too! I love your post! Anne

Bookie said...

That is a super large bunch of fresh and innocent is a daisy!

Linda O'Connell said...

You do get around to the most lovely places.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a lovely place. No I've never know anyone named Daisy but it is my daughter Sara's fav flower. He Hubby gives them to her all the time! Sweet!


Oooops a Daisy!! Such a cheerful, innocent little flower! Lovely post, great piccies. xx

Anonymous said...

Hello susan, that was a cool post that you did, you got some nice photo's.
I am michael a new follower to your blog, and the son of creative carmelina!
I heard that you are offering her a chance to guest post.
Come check out my blog and see my art.

Susan said...

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to Michael, this blog's 243rd Follower. Thanks for Following, Michael.

Take care everyone. Hope you are all having a super day. Hugs to all. Susan

Rebecca said...

No, I don't know of anyone named Daisy - yet! The old names are certainly coming back though. It's only a matter of time!

These are such beauties -- they stand out in that dark room, don't they.

And Susan, I'm sorry you're having trouble commenting. My setting says "anyone" can comment. Don't know what else to do. I'm open to suggestions :)

Chatty Crone said...

Beautiful restaurant and flowers - I love how fancy it feels, but not over done.

Daisy Duke?

BECKY said...

Hi Susan! Your camera (and YOU!) takes the best photos!! Yes, I've known 2 Daisy's! A Daisy blog friend, and my sister in law's middle name is Daisy!!

Lynn said...

Hi Susan, Thank you for welcoming me back to your little corner of New England. Believe me, my heart has never left that part of the USA. Looking at this, I do remember now the red booths. They still have those in the dining room? I also remember the prices (and this was quite awhile ago) being high to my thinking, but it was a treat from my dear friend and we did the food proud! Even dessert, but for the life of me cannot remember what we had. I do remember it was Feb and like a little kid, I was so excited to see snowbanks around town and on the drive from Albany. We laughed the whole way over to MA because I could not get enough of the snow! Such happy memories your post have brought back. Yeah, am homesick big time, by happily so if that makes sense. I believe we cannot hold on to something forever, but the precious memories we have can bring back those special times. I am now going to peek at a few more of your delightful posts before I head out. I know I could snuggle in and read your blog from start to finish. It makes me feel like I am "home". PS I loved daisies, really loved them when I lived in NY state. Always could find a field along the edges of the highways and would take huge bouquets home in the summer! Oh, I just love the beautiful memories your blog brings back. Blessings my new friend,

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