Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chicken or a Rooster?

Some people are city folk, others are from the countryside.

Actually, I fall  somewhere in the middle.

I grew up in a kind of residential town. 

It wasn't a big city, by any means but it wasn't a spot of countryside, either.

My paternal grandparents lived farther west in the same town but in a much more rural area.

Therefore, I can honestly tell you I don't know if the animal shown in this post is a chicken or a rooster.

My first guess is that it's a chicken as she looked so comfy sitting in the hay in a big barn at the Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y.

So we're going to go with  "she" in this post in order to simplify.

By the way, all of today's photos were taken at the Farmers' Museum.

 It's such a pretty place, don't you think?

She let me get real close to her.

 I really wanted to lift her up to see if she was sitting on eggs but I didn't dare.

Getting close to her with my digital camera, I snapped quickly, envisioning her sharp beak on my finger for disturbing her peace.

Isn't she the cutest "evah?"

And pul-eese, pardon my abysmal ignorance, but what's the difference between a chicken and a hen?

Can someone please enlighten me? (Thanks. cluck cluck, cocka-doodle-doo, peep, peep.)



middle child said...

My first thought on seeing the picture was that it looked like those marshmallowy Peeps! The red head looks sugary.
Can't help ya either. I don't know the difference between a Heron and a Crane.

middle child said...

Thoughts from Hunter....a hen is a female chicken and a rooster is a male chicken.

Joyful said...

A hen is a mature female chicken ;-) Th bird in your pic looks like a hen. Your photos are lovely and the hen looks nice too. Have a wonderful week!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like to see the photos of this museum of farmers. I also live in a residential area on the outskirts of the big city. I am very happy at that site. It is a quiet area of ​​homes and families. I do not know much about the difference between chickens. The truth is that I do not like either. The hens lay eggs and chickens no, right? Keep in touch

Linda O'Connell said...

Chickens are a species, hens are female, cocks or roosters are male. Females lay eggs, and the fertilized eggs (hanky-panky with the rooster) result in chicks, otherwise the hens lay edible eggs.

Nellie said...

Well, I can't really tell you if that is a chicken or a rooster, but I DO know that a flock of chickens needs only one rooster! Barbara Kingsolver tells how they took care of their own flock of chickens in her book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle."

Chatty Crone said...

Even after reading all your answers - I still don't know the answers. LOL I am like you. But I am a city girl for sure. Have a good day. sandie

diane.stetson said...

I know our grandmother had chickens and roosters and her soup was always so delicious and fresh. I remember my Father killing one in the basement of our house once and not one of us girls would eat it when it was cooked. ha ha ha

Glenda said...

Well, except for the male/female thing, I don't know much about chickens, but I do know that they will eat anything that looks like a bug. When I was five years old, we had some hens, and one of them pecked the scab off my smallpox vaccination!! It was ready to come off, anyway, so there was no harm done, but it was a big surprise when she pecked that thing off! Ahhhh....such memories!

Zoe Byrd said...

Chicken is the breed.
Hen and rooster refer to the gender of the bird.

You will have to come visit our chickens when we finally get to meet. Zoe :>

I think you are correct in thinking that is a chicken...but she is adorable!

Dee said...

Girl chicken...boy chicken...still just a chicken. I do find them adorable. I use to want a pet chicken. In the last picture she looks one second away from jumping at you LOL.

Bookie said...

Learned a lot about chickens here today. Now which came first, the chicken or the egg? :)

Rick Watson said...

Yes, but why does the chicken cross the. Road?
To show a possum that it can be done :)

Red Rose Alley said...

The pictures of the chicken are just wonderful. This post hit home for me today, as I am deciding where we want to move to our final home - in the suburbs or in the country? There is a peace in the country that I love, but I like other things that the suburbs has. Oh my, I must decide soon.

Have a great week, and I really liked this post today.


Annesphamily said...

You should visit Linda at Prairie Flower Farm. They have chickens and sheep. Teresa at Eden Hill has goats! LOL! I love visiting the farmers here in blog land. I figured that photo was a hen and I bet she was sitting on her nest. Very cool. Love the photos. Roosters are those males that make all that early morning noise! LOL!

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