Monday, May 27, 2013

In Remembrance of Soldiers Everywhere

Today, we remember.

We remember the brave men and women who left family, friends and country to go and serve far away.

We remember those who never came back.

We remember those whose bodies remain in graves in other countries.

We remember the tears shed by mothers who lost sons and daughters, the little ones who they held as babies to their breasts.

Can you feel their pain?

We remember the the millions of prayers said on behalf of their children in harm's way and then the fateful phone calls, telegrams or personal visits telling of lives lost.

We remember the agony of all parents of soldiers who died to defend freedom; the aching in their hearts that never really goes away.

We remember those who served and returned. We are forever grateful for their sacrifices.

We remember the American flag in all its glory, waving in the breeze, standing for freedom.

We cannot ever forget what it has taken to retain that freedom.

So, today, we remember.



Chatty Crone said...

You are totally right Susan - we can't forget Memorial Day - we have our freedom to live in the best place in the whole entire world.
Love, sandie

Nellie said...

Beautiful post, Susan. Always we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we might have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Glenda said...

Yes, we must remember all that has been given so that we can enjoy living in America. Our plans are very low-key, just staying home and contemplating all our blessings. Enjoy whatever plans you have, Susan! :-)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I join your tribute to the soldiers. They give their lives for the country. They are always very brave. On a day like today I think that we should say a prayer for those who gave their lives for freedom. Keep in touch

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We are just hanging around today. Yesterday I took my mom to the cemetery to put flowers on my father's grave who happens to be a WWII veteran. Enjoy your day Susan.

Chris said...

I absolutely love your blog as well as your Rose Petals from Heaven!

Thank you so much for sharing your heart and for such a spot of loveliness.... I followed and Cand P the HTML for one of your little buttons onto my sidebar.....Do you have an email subscription too? I'd like to folow RPFH by email rather than just a feed...this way I get the posts in my inbox.

Thank you. Looking fwd to becoming a regular reader.:)

Susan said...

A quiet day of remembrance of all my family and friends who have served; a few paid the ultimate price of their lives for our freedom. Beautiful post, XOXO

Chris said...

Susan, thank you for the lovely welcome!

How nice!

So, your com appeared in my inbox, but for some reason, not on my blog...strange. Yes, thank yuo for letting me know abt that error! I thought the two blogs, in my haste, I suppose were written by the same author. So sorry. I did change the link under the flag photo. I appreciate that.:)

(Also, my main blog is Campfires and for the others, I am just one of many contributors...but thank you so much, again, for the kind words.)

God bless

Susan said...

Hello Everyone!

Here's wishing each of you a good Memorial Day, to be spent however you want.

It's sunny here in Massachusetts so it's going to be a good day!

I'd like to send a warm welcome to Chris, this blog's 368th follower. Her blog is Campfires and Cleats.

Thanks for following, Chris. Hope you stop by often.

Dear blog peeps, please try to visit Chris's blog and say hello.

Hugs to all. Susan

diane.stetson said...

I am just staying home most of today and enjoying my long weekend. Of course I will say a prayer for all the soldiers who served. Last night I watched the Memorial day concert from our Capitol in D.C...what a wonderful show!

marianne said...

After many days of rain and very cool temperatures, the sun has finally come out! Just in time for the Memorial Day parade; it is short but we always try to attend to support all those who have given of themselves for our freedom.

As the high school marching band passed in their crisp purple and white uniforms, they played "You're a Grand Old Flag", I said a prayer for all who served and are serving our country.

Linda O'Connell said...

The flags flew in glorious sunshine today, rmeinding all of us to remember.

BECKY said...

Wonderful blog post, Susan. Every year I definitely remember what Memorial Day is all about.

Annesphamily said...

Beautifully written words. My heart aches for our military. We always fly out flag! High and proud!

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