Saturday, October 12, 2013

Extra Gift at the End of the Day

The goodness, kindness and generosity of God never cease to amaze me.

The Creator of this Universe has blessed His earthly children so abundantly with varieties of fruits, vegetables, animals, flowers, music and on into infinity.

Even when my heart is almost bursting with gratitude, He gives extra bonus gifts!

I received one unexpectantly and quite suddenly last night.  

On the way home from BJ's, (a warehouse store like Costco), the sky turned pink, my favorite color.
The clouds frothed up like cotton candy edged in creamy gold. 

Then, pink clouds melted into fluffy layers of pure gold.

You know that my right hand was searching the car seat for my camera.

The photos in today's blog are what I captured on the camera. 

Honestly,  I felt tears filling my eyes in response to the immense blessing of seeing such a spectacular sky.

What a gift!

What an immense God we have who literally cherishes His children and showers them with surprises!

The sumptuous and suddenly appearing exquisite sunset shimmered for a very short time and then faded into shadowy darkness. 

It reminded me of the brevity of our own lives and how we must cherish every single second while we are still here on earth.


Joyful said...

Beautiful skies!

rebecca said...

SO glad you got to see (and photograph) that beauty! Seems the sunrises & sunsets have been unusually beautiful the past couple of months! And the past couple of weeks, while on StayCation, hubby and I have seen a lot of natural beauty! Even while driving the 30 or so miles each way to see my parents, I am blessed by beautiful, country scenery....

Linda O'Connell said...

To think...we were gazing in awe at that same gorgeous sky at the same time, from different areas. Your last line sums it up! Have agreat weekend.

Susan said...

A warm welcome to Victoria from Spain, another new Follower of this blog!

Thanks for Following, Victoria!

One of her blogs is and it's delightful.

Hope each of you has a terrific Saturday! Susan

Ruth Ann said...

While going into the grocery store recently (not one of my favorite places to go) I saw one of the most vivid rainbows I've ever seen. People stood in the parking lot taking pictures; some ran into the store and brought people out to see it. It always awes and humbles me to think of the beauty that God created to bless his children and to remind us of His love for us.

diane.stetson said...

Gorgeous pictures...I'm grateful for sunny skies and lovely temperatures where I live almost all year round.

Ivy and Elephants said...

A glorious blessing from God, just to say I love you, and I'll never leave you. He is so good to us.

Chatty Crone said...

I sure enjoyed your pictures of Heaven. Love the gold underneath - the sun trying to join in the picture. Gorgeous.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: stunning photos. Great job. Indeed, we have to enjoy every moment. Life is short. Keep in touch

Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

Awesome, Susan! I felt tears, too, just looking at your pics. Amazing God.

victoria said...

My dear friend

Thanks for leaving your kind comment in my stash

I love that you liked,,, lately with the death of my puppies I am very well downer but as you say in your blog you have to enjoy the good of every day that God gives us,,, From Nature I see in your blog wonders .. I am island music and my blog is a Canarian isa ...

I look forward to maintaining a friendship heart

Kisses my girl

Kit said...

The other nite I looked outside and the crescent moon looked so lovely. Ever since the moon kept me company the nite of my surgery, slowing setting as I dozed, it has meant so much to me. :) Kit

marianne said...

That sunset was amazingly beautiful! They are so brief, it's true. As you said, we must cherish our time here for it too is brief.

Have been enjoying the "glow" of these beautiful autumn days; from sunup to sundown they are so mesmerizing. One can almost feel the earth and all of nature, winding down for a well deserved rest. The four seasons that we experience here are a gift indeed.

agatek said...

The beautiful Gift at the End of the Day. I love sunrises and sunsets, it is God's gift to us humans.

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