Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Busy Work Among the Books

The three day weekend that just passed brought more snow and very cold temps.

Except to go to church and the supermarket,  I was happy to stay blessedly home.

There are a lot of undone projects on my “to do” list and it’s so awesome to know that quite a few big ones got tackled.

The living room bookshelves were a mess.  

 It had been months since they were dusted since my schedule had been pretty crammed.

Books and magazines even overflowed onto a nearby table.


Some books had been placed on top of books and others were in double rows.

So one afternoon, the bad weather outside helped me make good progress inside!

I hit the books and spent several hours putting things in order.

Each shelf now even has several books arranged according to size. 

 The shelves are now nice and neat, the way I like them.



Terra said...

I admire you organizing your bookshelves, that is a fine improvement. I am clearing room for books to be organized by throwing out lots of old paperwork, extra copies of articles I wrote that were published years ago. It is a good feeling to organize, and your shelves look in good order now.

Bookie said...

Oh, I know how good you feel having those books straightened! Small things make a big difference. I am not doing anything but writing, writing. Cooking from freezer. Might have to go to the store tomorrow as tonight is to be cold and then real cold starts moving in again. Yuck!...but does push me to write.

diane.stetson said...

Well I had company all weekend so today I had to do laundry, clean bathrooms, floors, rugs, sheets and so forth. I got a lot done and was happy to be home to do it! Your bookshelves are nice and neat now..your Mom would be proud.

Lady Linda said...

Hi Susan, so nice to get such a big project done! More snow, heh? We just have WIND again...ugh.
Hope you enjoyed your fun time off.
Love ya,

Eva Ason said...

Your book case looks nice and organised :)I didn't do much more than relax this past weekend, but that is what I had anticipated so all is good. Have a great week ahead

Merlesworld said...

No not really it was a lazy weekend for me.

Linda O'Connell said...

I wrote and submitted several pieces. I keep saying I am going to tackle the closet...someday. have a great week.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Great work. Your bookshelves are well ordered. I take the bad weather to do household chores like sorting the cupboards, clean the curtains ... and organize my collection of dolls. Keep in touch

Lucy martin said...

I love you book cases Susan.
Oh and I couldn't help but notice an empty shelf there!! Have a good day!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love to organize my bookshelves, makes me just feel better. Working a little at my Mom's house but nothing major!

Rebecca said...

Wow! I'm motivated. I've been lying pretty low - cold, sinus infection, etc. My house is a mess. It would feel wonderful to have the bookshelves organized as beautifully as yours!

Nellie said...

Wonderful work with those bookshelves! My week-end was taken by an out-of-town trip for a special committee meeting.

marianne said...

Your bookshelves look great and you must have a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Looks like we are in for some more snow and very cold temperatures. Guess a lot of inside projects will finally get done. It is so much easier to work inside when the weather outside is frightful!

Red Rose Alley said...

In my last house, I had a book shelf and arranged the books from tallest to shortest, like you have here. I really miss my book shelf, and can't wait to set up another one.

Your hard work has paid off - it looks great!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Nice and neat would not describe my shelves or my abode. Ha! Organized chaos is more like it. Always feels good when you accomplish something on your to-do list. Warm wishes, Tammy

Chatty Crone said...

Well I played nursemaid and then got it myself!

Love your bookshelves.


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