Friday, March 4, 2016

Decorate Early to Enjoy Throughout the Whole Easter Season

There are signs and touches of Easter all over the place around here and it's wonderful.

A little three-year-old turned out to be quite a helper and she made decorating for Easter even more fun.

Children, after all, bring immense love to our lives. 

Decorating a bit early means the decorations can be enjoyed longer.

There's quite a menagerie on the front hall table.  

The little army of cuties welcomes guests in a special way. 

After Easter Sunday comes along, everything will once again be packed up and hauled away.



Merlesworld said...

You have lots of wonderful easter bunnies, but no we don't usually decorate for easter.

Bookie said...

I have more spring than just Easter...but lots of rabbits in that! Guess what I found!!! I found those lace like chargers you bought on clearance a few years ago and that I lusted after for so long! I found some a Micahael's but NOT on for occasion to use them!

Red Rose Alley said...

I was just thinking that it's time to decorate for Easter. I have a few goodies that I put out every year, not too many. But holidays are always festive around my house. I love that mint colored chick. I'm really into that color now. And all your figurines are cute.

Enjoy your Easter decorations, Susan.

love, ~Sheri

Lady Linda said...

Yes, I decorate for all the holidays Susan. Our little grandson came over after I had the Easter things out and he was soooo excited. It was so cute to watch Papa take him all around the house showing him all the bunnies and all. Having little ones just make it soooo special. I love all your bunnies.

Susan said...

I use to decorate before we had 3 more kitties! Your decorations are lovely😊

diane.stetson said...

I have a few things out on my coffee table and my dining room table...but not nearly all the things you have displayed. I love the Easter Season as it breathes new life with every decoration. Enjoy all of your lovely things.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh your decorations are great as well as your helper. I love the big pink bunny on the rocker. So when Easter comes so early what do you for St. Patrick's Day?

Barbara Neubeck said...

... Hi Susan... your Easter decorations are beautiful... a special little helper makes decorating much more fun.
Happy Anniversary ... the roses your daughter gave you are gorgeous.. so thoughtful of her. I love the colours and I did see the 'rainbow'... beautiful.. It's great you were able to go to a movie and out to dinner... special.
Hugs... Barb xxx

Linda O'Connell said...

Yes, I enjoy decorating. And especially watching Liam's face light up when he discovers something new.

mark lawrence said...

Superb Easter Party!! Pretty much the same way in which I hosted my daughter’s birthday party at one of local Chicago venues!! He love ester parties so I selected this theme for celebrating her 4th birthday. It was a memorable day for us.

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