Sunday, April 3, 2016



Spring is having a hard time springing in northwestern Massachusetts. 

We had many lovely, warm days and daffodils started popping up.

Today, however, there is snow!  Go figure.

The best thing we can do about such occurrences is accept them.

We sure cannot change them so why get frustrated and discouraged?

Truly, I hope your day is very blessed.

It's a very special baptismal day for our family and we couldn't be more thrilled and grateful to the Lord.



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

We are having lovely spring weather here so trying to enjoy every moment of it before the heat sets in. Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy


It snowed here yesterday. ENJOY your special day.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I hate to tell you, but we are having a very nice spring. My mom used to say springtime in Atlanta is not a season it is a blessing.

I wish you warm wishes for your day and the baptism today! I know it will turn out warm even tho there is snow.

Chose Joy Every Morning!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It has been a beautiful Spring here in Georgia, but then my allergies have been awful so there is always a down side. More rest today. We will have a Baptism later this month. Such a blessing.

marianne said...

We are having March weather in April! Good day to sit in front of the fire, make some Irish Tea Bread and read a great book by Susan Branch entitled "The Fairy Tale Girl". A special cousin lent me the book and I am really enjoying it.

Enjoy your happy day surrounded by family. With such blessings, what does the weather matter?

Cranberry Morning said...

Bless you this special day! xo

diane.stetson said...

What a special day for your family. Don't worry about the snow just enjoy the blessings of the day. I'm going to rest today. We have beautiful weather where I live each and every day...I never have to worry about snow and I'm very grateful.

Kit said...

We are having lovely weather here (for the moment...LOL) So I am enjoying the bees and the buds on the trees. Going to visit with my youngest daughter today and do a little work around the house. Nothing major. You have a lovely Sunday! Kit

Linda O'Connell said...

Our weather flip flops and the winds were greater than the speed limit. Today it is sunny and 76. Tomorrow maybe 60. It's a matter of weeks until it will be hot. Blessing to your baby/babies.

Sandi said...

That cathedral is stunning! They used to make such elaborate churches.

Susan said...

We've had a very early Spring--about 3 weeks early! My daffodils have come and gone and now my peonies are up a foot. I'm worried what the summer will bring and how soon it will start:-( XOXO

Red Rose Alley said...

Baptisms are so special. It sounds like you had a lovely time with your family. What a beautiful church with stained glass windows.


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