Monday, June 5, 2017

Oh, You Beautiful Doll(s)..

Things and experiences we loved in childhood never leave us.

                                                        (Above, is an Anne of Green Gables Doll)

Those early seeds planted in the gardens of our minds grow and flourish with the passage of years.

When I was a little girl, dolls were my obsession.

Their hair, smiles, and outfits kept me playing for many thousands of hours throughout childhood.

Today, even though I am a Grammie, seeing precious dollies makes my heart beat just a bit faster. (Actually, some days I am glad it's still beating at all. ha haha)

Dolls equal love to me. 

                                                                      (Doll made in Poland)

                                                                                     (Dolls in Polish costumes)

They are my silent little companions that bring light to this life.

This week I had to clean out a living room curio cabinet in order to give it to a sister.

                                                  (Glamor girl)  
That meant taking very small dolls out.  

I still have to find a place for them.

Some of them have not been shared with you previously so you can see them in this post. 



diane.stetson said...

I have only one doll on my bed in the spare room Why don't you put your little dolls on beds in your spare rooms? Just a thought. Love your Polish ones.

Chatty Crone said...

Well I love your Glamour Doll - so glamorous. You had such a great childhood. Why dd you have to give away your curio cabinet? I might buy another one - that is the best way to show them and keep the dust off. Love your dolls. sandie

Linda O'Connell said...

My 81 year old aunt has an collection similar to your small ones. I think I will have them one day. Every time I see them at thrift stores, I think of YOU.


what a charming collection of dolls you have. vingettes to display them would be nice. `how special each one of these dolls are for sure.

Red Rose Alley said...

Look at this doll collection! The Spanish doll is so pretty, and your Polish dolls are treasures, especially the one made in Poland. Susan, I have that same Greek doll in the last picture. : )

love, ~Sheri

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