Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Baby Tomatoes and Basil

For a couple years now, the grands, when they visited, loved looking for small, red tomatoes on a hanging tomato plant on the back porch.

Oh boy, it was like a treasure hunt every time they came.

They'd lift up the green leaves and suddenly, I'd hear, " I found one. Look Grammie.  I found a red tomato."

Before anyone knew it, the tomato would disappear-----right into a little mouth.

This year, a gorgeous tomato plant hangs from the back porch.

However, due to Covid-19, there are no little grands visiting.

Soooooo, when I saw another healthy hanging baby tomato plant, I bought it for my daughter.

The grands will have tomato treasure hunts at their own house this year.

Also picked up a basil plant for her as chopped basil is perfect with mozzarella cheese and olive oil.



Chatty Crone said...

I know the kids will LOVE that.
No no veggies here.

Linda O'Connell said...

Thoughtful Grammy gift. This world is in such a mess and the one thing that would ease some of my pain is hugging my littles and visiting them. This too shall pass...someday.

diane stetson said...

No I do not grow vegetables here at my house. My grandsons would not eat a tomato either. Somehow that is one thing they won't touch. They pick them out of salad even. I hope your grands enjoy their new plant. Very thoughtful of you to get them one of their own.

Merlesworld said...

Not a lot of veggies because I have lots of trees but I do grow herbs, alway handy.

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