Friday, March 10, 2023

Get It on the Spot

                          (A sheep from a what-not rack).

The other day, while shopping in the supermarket, my eyes zoomed over to the Easter-themed stuffed animals.  

There, right before me, was the most adorable, large-sized sheep I'd seen in quite a spell. 

She cost $16.99.

Oh my goodness, she made me smile like crazy.

However, I could not justify spending that kind of money on a toy when in the middle of a housing dilemma.

After leaving the super, lambie pie kept coming back into my mind.

After about the 100th thought of her, I went back to the supermarket to buy her.  

She was gone.

A huge number of floppy eared, adorable bunnies remained there but no lambie pie.

Lesson learned was if you see something you truly love, get it on the spot.



Terra said...

Oh no, someone else is enjoying your lamb; it is very pretty and artistic. I hesitated to buy a painting once at Restore (recycling home goods), the next day I thought well if it is still there I will buy it. It was and I did.

diane stetson said...

Oh sorry you missed the little lamb. It was cute. I think lambs at Easter remind me of the Lamb of God.

Linda O'Connell said...

Lambie is being loved, I'll bet.

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