Saturday, February 6, 2010

Amethyst, Stone of Contentment and Spirituality

Amethyst is a gemstone that comes in colors from pale lavender to deep purple.

Shades of lavender and purple would look lovely in a bedroom. They help to make a room feel calm and peaceful.

They also work in bedspreads, lamps, pillows, and so on. If I came across an amethyst colored velvet fainting couch, it would be scarfed up immediately.

While doing some research on the gemstone, some very interesting facts turned up, such as it being a stone of spirituality and contentment. It's said to bring inspiration, peace and protection, sincerity, stability, strength! No wonder it's so appealing.

Amethyst supposedly helps a person concentrate and meditate. It calms and encourages. It's also said to support sobriety; to be a protection against drunkenness; and is a good stone to give to people who want to be set free from addictions! "Amethystos" in Greek means "not intoxicated."

From a medicinal perspective, the gemstone is purported to help with arthritis, headaches, insomnia, and blood sugar imbalance.

When the gem stone amethyst is heated, it changes color to yellow or brownish red.

It has been around since ancient times. It's said to have miraculous powers in many cultures by protecting crops, driving out evil spirits, and inspiring intellect.

In Pliny's era, amethyst was said to protect against snakebite if worn around the neck from a cord made from dog hair.That's one of the facts I came across in researching amethyst.

After learning all of the above, I have an even greater appreciation of my purple-colored bedroom lamp!

Do you like amethyst?


Chatty Crone said...

Yes, I love the amethyst - I love purple AND it is my birthstone.

And My Voice and Your Voice sound kind of similiar. teehee

Have a great Saturday.


Susan Wicker said...

You are right, Sandie. Sounds like we are related as kindred spirits. Isn't that wonderful? Always happy to see you have visited!Sincerely, Susan

Martha's Favorites said...

Susan: Thank you so much for your prayers for me. I appreciate them so much. You are a dear friend. The information on the amethyst is very interesting. Purple is such a beautiful color. Your lamps are stunnings. Your the best, Martha

Susan Wicker said...

HI MARTHA! So happy you came to visit. Most important of all is you are WELL! Have a great evening and lovely Sunday. Warmly, Susan

diane stetson said...

This is my daughter's birthstone too and I also love purple. One of my bedrooms is purple and green..that was my Mom's favorite color scheme too. This color is my son's favorite also....xo

Jan Cline said...

I love this gemstone - it's my birthstone. I was surprised to hear the information about it. My first amethyst was given to me by my parents when I turned 16. Maybe I should wear it more due to the fact I have arthritis.

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