Thursday, January 25, 2018

Roses and Candle

Today, Saturday, is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

As a society, and as decent human beings, it is imperative to do just that-----remember.

How human beings could have treated other human beings so callously,  so horrendously cruel, is mind-boggling.

Innocent men, women, and especially children, died by the thousands at the hands of those filled with hatred and evil.

If we do not remember, history is bound to repeat itself and that would be truly despicable.

Today, honor all the lives who were lost, especially those of little children, who never really got their chances to make their marks upon the world. 

God bless each of them.

 May God bless each one of us, also, so that nothing like the Holocaust will ever happen again. 

We must be vigilant and never, ever forget the horrors of what happens when evil is allowed to take over.

Now, today's continued post:
Several years ago, I found a little wreath with very real looking roses.

It really has seen better days but, for whatever reason, it's impossible to make a final parting.

An old-fashioned glass punch bowl on a pedestal-of-sorts is another item that is rarely used but still coveted.

So, why not put the rose wreath inside the punch bowl and add a  big fat red candle for extra pizazz?

Why not, indeed.  Love the combination and best part? It didn't cost a cent.



Sandi said...


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I am overrun with so much stuff that I need to repurpose or upcycle. I have a very hard time throwing anything that can be reused in some way.

Chatty Crone said...

Yes I repurpose. Then some times I give things away. Then maybe a year or so later - I wish I had kept it. sandie

Red Rose Alley said...

What a nice Valentine décor you put together, Susan. Those roses DO look real, and the candle adds a perfect touch. I know what you mean about parting with some things. I just can't give away a glass sugar and creamer set I have even when it's never used. It's just too pretty. You don't see glass items that much any more. So glad you kept this punch bowl, it really is lovely.


Anonymous said...

Very Pretty Susan. You have a knack for decorating.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I do repurpose all the time. And finally I try to let some things go...I've got too much as is but I do love pretty things!

Debbie said...

Your centerpiece is really pretty...and yes, I reuse things all the time!
Have a great weekend, dearie.


a fitting tribute, indeed.

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